tennis trophies


From tournaments in Tokyo (Pan-Pacific), Chile (Vina del Mar), Delray Beach (International Tennis Championships), and Zagreb (PBZ Zagreb Indoors).

The Japanese came up with some gorgeous mementos for Hingis and Ivanovic, and the enormity of the Zagreb trophy (Baghdatis got dwarfed!) is worth pointing out.

Pan Pacific Women’s Singles Final
Pan Pacific Open - Women’s Singles Final

Pan Pacific Women’s Doubles Final

The too-big trophies from the Zagreb tourney:

If you don’t believe me, let’s try it from a different angle::

that thing is eating him alive!

Luis Horna’s trophy was nice and compact. Simple for a low-key event:

I have to say the oddity of the week should have actually been in last week’s post, but there was a rain delay in the championship match between Xavier Malisse and James Blake:

I think there was something like that sitting in my living room when I was growing up. Delray Beach: You can do better! And Malisse — while I congratulate you on winning the tournament, I must tell you that I am grieving the loss of your ponytail. bring it back!


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