tennis trophies


This week’s trophies — from tournaments in Brazil, Marseilles, Bangalore, San Jose, and Antwerp — range from simple (read: generic) to extravagant. Of course, I would be crazy not to highlight the Proximus Games’ diamond-encrusted tennis racket, a prize awarded to any player who wins the tournament 3 times in 5 years. Mauresmo achieved this feat this past Sunday:

The racket has 1,700 diamonds and is worth 1 million euro.

The rest of this week’s trophies are below the cut.

Leis added a nice touch to the glass sculptures awarded to Shvedova and Santangelo at the Bangalore Open:

and the doubles winners received these:

Uhm, the WTA needs to offer a refresher course on how to behave during photo opps. Lecture number one? “Don’t stick your tongue out for the cameras.”

And the Brazil Open doled out these trophies:

Note that this is Canas’ first tournament back from doping (right?). People are talking about the (dis)advantages of what he’s done: after winning a few extra matches via doping, he gets to take a mandatory rest, detox, and be slightly quicker in his step when he jumps back into the fray. So first he screws a few players over by taking away their glory and prize money (yes, yes, he had to give back the prize money he won while doped up, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that he deprived some other player of that opportunity). Now he gets to win tournies because of his “time “out.

Onto Marseilles. Here’s a classic cup for Gilles Simon:

and this dildo they gave to Andy Murray for defending his SAP Open title:


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