davis cup 2007, first round: switzerland vs. spain


Spain d. Switzerland, 3-1.

What should have been one of the most amazing first round ties (worthy of a tournament final) turned out to be page 8 news when the world’s no. 1 and 2 — Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal — pulled out. Nadal cited an injury (hip, I think), while Federer reasoned that his schedule would be too grueling with the addition of Davis Cup. So instead he spent his time in Dubai (his homebase) promoting a new five-blade men’s razor. wtf. For a snappy dresser who’s a wizard on the court, he can sure be a bore sometimes.

Ok, so now let’s talk to the men that were actually there: Fernando Verdasco lost his first singles match against against Chiudinelli, but turned it around against Bohli on Sunday. I’m exccited for them! Spain lost in the first rounds in 2005 and 2006. Now they can set their sights on winning the Cup, like they did in 2004 (Remember Moya?). They face the U.S. in the next round, in the United States. We all know that this tie will not be played on clay.

Now, the clothing tie:

Spain’s warm-ups are in very muted navy blue and white, without any hint of their loud yellow and red flag colors (-1):

That’s Nadal and David Ferrer, above.

Below, Verdasco brings out some red (+1):

And while Ferrer isn’t wearing country colors at all, he’ll get some points for bringing the 70’s back (+1). He’s no Tommy Robredo in this department, but we’ll give him a pat on the back for trying:

And Rafa: I’m sure you would have worn yellow (sleeveless shirt) and red (clamdiggers) proudly, so I’m sorry you missed this tie. Hopefully you’ll have recovered by the time they play in April. You’re likely the only Spaniard who can beat the red-hot Roddick right now.

The Swiss did alright with their outfits. They stuck to their country colors (+1), and both players looked good. Marco Chiudinelli (+1):

and Stephane Bohli (+1):

And Roger, you should know that I’m disappointed about your absence less because of the tennis with Nadal, and more because you would’ve likely added some spice to the Swiss team. You would have worn a cute headband. Or maybe you would’ve brought back that blazer you wore at Wimbledon). Will you be playing at all this year? You should.

In the future: I’d like to see the Swiss play with the cross in their flag as a pattern, and the Spaniards need to play with the lion in their seal. That can be emblazoned on the back of sweaters or jackets.

Spain: 2
Switzerland: 3

Switzerland wins.


One Response to “davis cup 2007, first round: switzerland vs. spain”

  1. Karen le Roux Says:

    Typical Federer not to represent his country and too much trouble to use his energy – no wonder his always fit and well for the big tournaments. He stinks!!!!

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