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Anna Kournikova - from the Grand Haven Tribune

Ok, so I’ve just been living under a cave, perhaps, because who knew that Anna Kournikova still makes the news regularly! And not for stupid things like dying in the Bahamas or grabbing clippers from a hairdresser and then shaving her own head. She’s in the news for raising money and awareness for good causes, and for smart business decisions.

The original Russian bombshell is now three years retired from tennis (due to a bad back), but is still popular with the men, tennis fans (who see her in Team Tennis competition), and the Florida set–where they see her out and about with Enrique Iglesias.

Earlier last month she teamed up with the “got breakfast?” Foundation to honor the principal of a North Palm Beach School for his efforts in breakfast advocacy.

Here’s Anna’s statement:

“It’s very important for children to be nutritionally educated. Sports and nutrition go hand-in-hand. It’s all connected. It’s really important. The more educated and the more attention we bring to kids and their nutrition, the more likely they’ll grow up much healthier and smarter and happier.” (from the “got breakfast?” website)

Hey, as long as she gets to work for causes that are near and dear to her heart, and as long as it keeps her on the pages of, then go ahead with it!

And this month her fame has taken her to an exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan (where she spent a significant amount of time while dating professional Ice Hockey player Sergei Federov, then with the Detroit Red Wings) to raise money for leukemia. Note that Jana Novotna also participated. Here’s a local’s take on the exhibition, written by someone from the generation who started their adolescence at the height of Kournikova’s popularity.

And just this week local athletic outfitter (homebase: Westlake Village) K-Swiss announced that they’ve partnered with Anna to promote their brand to the 13-30 set while trying to reestablish K-Swiss’s tennis heritage (my first pair of tennis shoes were k-swiss). She’ll appear in TV and print ads and will make appearances on behalf of K-Swiss, and wear K-Swiss during all her exhibition and Team Tennis matches.

I’ll post the information her when I get it.


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