ana and adidas in australia


ivanovic adidas in australia
taken from

Serbian Ana Ivanovic just posted an interview she did with The Tennis Channel at the Australian Open. She did press for the debut of her tennis dress from the adidas adilibria line.

In that photo above, Ana’s ClimaCool Divine Shoes are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.


12 Responses to “ana and adidas in australia”

  1. gratifyingchange Says:

    wow, I didn’t know Ana looks so pretty.

  2. vivek Says:

    ana u r the most beautiful tennis star

  3. TRAMPLEDman Says:

    Ana is beautiful…i hope She will trample me while play tennis – i will be invisible(:

  4. sahrima Says:

    you are my ultimate idol …ana….keep up the good work…!

  5. vanderson Says:

    A Ana é linda além de jogar muito!!!!!

  6. MufeedZ Says:

    Shes fat!!!

  7. orlando Says:

    a ana elinda alem de jogar muito!!!!!!

  8. Mary Says:

    She is’n fat, she just looks fat on that picture. Belive me, she is NOT fat!!!

  9. angi Says:

    you are the worst anna xaxa

  10. angi Says:

    maria sharapova is the best and she is first in our hearts

  11. angi Says:

    NIKE 4 ever****
    Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer are the most beutiful tennis stars!!!!
    And they play tennis very wel. xaxaxixaxixi

  12. Lana Says:

    Ana is the most pretty tennis star, and she’s not fat! Maria Sharapova is pretty too but not pretty as Ana! Ana our Serbian beauty ❤

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