serena’s stylist launches an ‘ebotique’


…which sounds to me like some kind of an exotic disease.

Misa Hylton

Misa Hylton, who has styled Serena, launched her online store Madison Star Couture at the end of February. She is also the founder of Chyna Doll Enterprises, a product placement and image branding firm.

Her spring must-haves look cute.

via The Hilltop


One Response to “serena’s stylist launches an ‘ebotique’”

  1. impressed w/ MSC Says:

    Cute is an understatement! I think Madison Star Couture is going to prove it has staying power — this is just the beginning. I hear they will be adding tons of accessories — from much more hadags to jewelry — fly rings, bracelets, etc. The clothes and outerwear up there are already hot — I can’t wait to see what they unveil for Fall 07.

    The best part is the stuff is affordable. I don’t know about you, but me — I will be supporting.

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