fleishman’s hair: digging deeper


I did a little more research on Zack (and by “research” I mean
“really quick googling”) and I ran across this. I swear, I looked through Yahoo’s photo feeds pretty closely throughout the Australian, and didn’t see this at all. Fleishman sported frosted tips at UCLA, and clearly he’s still fussin with his hair.

fleishman at the australian open 2007

He got heckled (partly for the hair, partly for playing Australian Wayne Arthurs) in the second round of the Australian Open. He sees it as doing his part to liven up the game:

“I have a history of doing it,” he said. “I did it a lot in the juniors playing in big tournaments for the Sunshine Cup, which is like the junior Davis Cup. I feel like it spices it up a little bit. I like to have fun on the court as much as possible. I feel like tennis is too much all-white clothing. The crowd get to put on the wigs and yell, do that kind of stuff. So I figure the players can have fun every once in a while as well.”

via Towleroad

One more after the cut.

fleishman at the australian open 2007


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