video games + strengthen the tennis brand


Smash Court Tennis 3

I recently lost a few friends to the role playing behemoth Warcraft. I never really got into videogames, except for the endless hours I spent playing Tetris Attack, and of course Super Tennis. With my newfound free time, I figured I’d poke around and see what’s up with videogame tennis these days. It’s nothing you don’t already know, but it’s new(s) to me.

Of course since I’ve done this research I’ve already begun to obsess over Wii Tennis. I am a true fanaddict about it. I’ve developed repetitive motion injuries, smacked my hand on my couch (thankfully nothing — body parts nor furniture — have broken), and wasted hours that could have been spent more productively. But hey at least I’ve perfected my topspin (topspiin?) shot.

And for the non-Wiiers, over the summer they’ll see the release of Smash Court Tennis 3, the PSP’s answer to Virtua Tennis 3 from Sega. You’ll get to choose from 16 different pro players (including Federer, Henin, and Nadal) and compete to improve your rankings.

And perhaps by using artificial intelligence, they can work with the Tours to make profiles of even the more obscure players that have enormous regional appeal (like, say, Srichapan). A good way to promote the sport. It won’t replace playing outside on a court, but it’ll do.


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