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spring stella mccartney line released

March 7, 2007

stella mccartney for adidas - spring 2007

Stella McCartney‘s new spring line for adidas came out recently. In conjunction with the release, TravelerWIRE gives us a list of cool tennis resorts you can visit to show off your new outfits.

(It might be from a previous collection, but) I love this jacket:

stella mccartney tennis jacket stella mccartney tennis jacket - 2

In other Stella news, her line for Target (Australia) comes out on March 12, but is already available for preview online.

My favorite piece:
stella mccartney - cardigan

More after the cut… (more…)


trophies: dubai, vegas, qatar, mexico

March 7, 2007

taken from Nikon to Infinity’s flickr

The pro tours were all over the desert this week, playing tournaments in Vegas, Dubai, and Doha. The ATP also had a stop in Acapulco. The trophies looked pretty good this week. We had birds, ships, and even an oversized tennis ball. What else can we expect from Dubai and Doha, right? All but one tournament came out with a generic glass prism with some etching on it (shame on you, Vegas).

All the trophies are after cut. (more…)

photos from the florida memory project

March 7, 2007

In honor of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Tournament in Miami (March 21-April 1), I’m unearthing some photos from the Florida Memory Project. We’ll start with this one. Enjoy.

Florida Memory Project - 1

tardis tennis

March 7, 2007

Tardis Tennis - BBC Sport

If night tennis is just plain boring, neither the wii nor Smash Court are cutting it, and you’re done orchestrating the game between Roddick and Pong, perhaps you’d like your balls served with a side of time travel. The BBC Sport website provides an online tennis game called Tardis Tennis, based on the time machine/spacecraft from the Dr. Who series.

You can play as Queen Victoria (“slow, big hitter”), John Lennon (good all round), or Shakespeare (“fast but weak”).

I couldn’t quite figure it out during a work break, but I’ll come back to it later. If you’ve played it, tell me what you think.

short balls: Rafael Nadal

March 7, 2007

nadal’s new tennis shirt
taken from

I don’t want to hear a “flied lice” joke: In China they call him ‘Nadar’. Really. They do.

The clamdiggers are here to stay: Some sketches of his new outfits, from the Mens Tennis Forum (via a Nadal blog).

Nadal’s biceps are even like Goku’s: His favorite cartoon is Dragonball Z.

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