indesit fridge


roger federer - indesit refrigerator
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No, your eyes haven’t deceived you. Roger Federer *is* standing next to a refrigerator that’s been violated by a tennis-obsessed vandal.

I think there could have been a better way to apply a tennis theme to a household appliance than just drawing a tennis racket on it. That’s too easy. Perhaps the shell could have been made from recycled net posts? net cords? old tennis balls? Or, with all the wi-fi these days, they could have installed a tennis ticker on the fridge door? I’m un poquitito disappointed, Indesit.

What was Roger doing next to a fridge anyway?

Some background: Roger signed that fridge back in 2006, after winning the Masters Cup in Shanghai, and Indesit put it up for auction. The bidding lasted for two weeks. The proceeds from the auction (plus a donation of ten times the Race Points Federer amassed in 2006) will be given to the Roger Federer Foundation.

The auction ended two days ago. The winning bid? $2,990. Bien hecho, Roger.

indesit fridge - roger federer

Roger Federer signs the Indesit Fridge



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