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night tennis gear

March 12, 2007

table tennis shirt - thinkgeek

The organizers of next week’s Night Tennis Miami should consider selling these shirts at the merch table.

ThinkGeek had elaborate dreams for this; it started out with a flatscreen, an xbox, and a battery pack, but they couldn’t get it to work: “The test subjects kept falling over, no one liked the car battery power supply duct taped to their leg and don’t even get us started on the price.”

So there’s the consumer-friendly version.

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amaechi nabs endorsement

March 12, 2007

john amaechi

And so it begins. John Amaechi announced today that HeadBlade, a company that specializes in products for head-shaving men, has made him a spokesman.

This is a step down the right path, a path paved by out sports celebrities, some of whom were stripped of their endorsement deals after coming out (ala Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova), or who have likely suffered a reduced endorsement purse because of being out (ala Amelie Mauresmo); and by those who came out after their careers were over, often citing how the homophobia in the locker rooms kept them in the closet (Greg Louganis, Billy Bean, etc.).

Let’s hope he doesnt’ go the way of Esera Tuaolo, who — while he made great move by coming out in 2003 — made a horrible move by trying to establish Chili’s in the gay culinary landscape. (Really? Chili’s? What was he thinking?)

He might get flack for coming out *after* he was finished with his career, and had already amassed his millions. I don’t blame him for it. At the end of the day, you still need to feed yourself, put a roof over your head. He’s still moving us forward. So many people spoke against how Tim Hardaway handled John’s statements. I don’t care if they disagree with what he said or how he said it. Regardless, people are siding against him. In the end, the message was: gays are alright (or, if you don’t think they are, you just shut your trap and let them be).

We have a ways to go, but I am hopeful for his strategy. I hope that he can soften the hearts of mainstream America. He will convince straight men everywhere to shower side-by-side with their gay teammates in the locker rooms. He’s very eloquent, a good ambassador. And as far as making the most of his endorsement power, he picked a good product. Enough of us shave our heads on a regular basis.


florida memory project: a hot nastase bag

March 12, 2007

In honor of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Tournament in Miami (March 21-April 1), I’m unearthing some photos from the Florida Memory Project. Here’s one with a sexy Ilie Nastase.

Ilie Nastase - Florida
Roy Erickson, 1972

I know tennis bags aren’t made like that any more (for orthopedic reasons, I’m sure), but someone — Tommy Robredo, are you reading this? — can raid a vintage store or two and put these back on the style map!

janko calls you out on your s*&t

March 12, 2007

With his stylish glasses, you’d think Janko Tipsarevic was just too cool for you:

Janko Tipsarevic at Rotterdam

Janko Tipsarevic at Indian Wells

In a way, he is. I’m in love with the white goggles from the top photo, and the striped FILA shirt from the bottom photo. But both outfits are missing… something. Perhaps a headband?

What makes him cooler: his post-match interview yesterday, where he responded to a reporter calling him out on turning some kids away when they asked for his autograph.

while daddy’s away…

March 12, 2007

…mother and child have fun in france.

bec and mia hewitt
Bec and Mia Hewitt

The rest of the photos are here.

I’m loving Mia’s stripes and pink hoodie.


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