speaking of Ralph Lauren…


While I was trying to figure out if Polo Ralph Lauren already released their U.S. Open 2007 goods (they haven’t), I stumbled across their current collections. Though it’s a “Cricket” collection, I can see some of these things courtside:

Roger Federer can wear this to a non-Wimbledon “classy” (i.e., one where he doesn’t need to wear white) tournament:

ralph lauren - regatta cricket sweater jacket

a tall lanky type — Max Mirnyi, perhaps — should ask for this to be on their list of goodies:

ralph lauren - cricket sweater

And this sweater can go on anyone, even a Radek Stepanek, and I’d be in love:

ralph lauren - shawl collar sweater

See the sweater up close, and more picks from the collection:

shawl collar
I’m pissing in my pants!

sea captain collection

And these items from the Sea Captain Collection can be for going out for a night on the town.

sea captain shirts

These shirts are also from the Sea Captain collection, and would be good for warming up or more casual tournaments.

ralph lauren - cricket shirt

This shirt from the Cricket collection can be altered and made into an AMAZING Davis Cup uniform. Especially for countries that dominantly display a crest on their flag. (Espana? Are you reading?)

ralph lauren - cricket shirt

And this Andy Murray-esque cricket shirt would be good for casual tourneys, too. Very simple, very sleek. Clean lines. LOVE IT.

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