My dream U.S. Open Shop


In a time when every designer from Stella McCartney, to Proenza Schouler, to Luella Bartley has recognized his noblesse oblige and brought high fashion to the masses; and with retailers like H&M and Forever 21 coming out with new items once a week to feed America’s fashion attention, the USTA should get its act together if it wants to get into the branding fray properly.

While they have made a smart move with their multi-year Ralph Lauren partnership, their soft launch of the U.S. Open 2007 Shop wasn’t. (via TennisNews)

They might as well stay boarded up for a little while longer. Right now all they have are run-of-the-mill tchotchkes like this cd holder:

U.S. Open - cd holder


and some shirts:

u.s. open tshirt - white red tshirt - us open

These can’t be the only things you sell in your shop.

I ask: Where’s all the Ralph Lauren?

The PRL stuff from last year was a hit, as was the buzz surrounding the makeover of the RL display window on Madison Ave. in conjunction with the Open.

So why is the store still bare? Don’t wait. Come out with a line of tennis gear NOW and slowly release it throughout the summer. Sell it at your USTA booths at all the summer series tournaments. Take it a step further and have the likes of Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, and other tennis fan-designers create limited-number pieces for the line. Dolce & Gabanna tennis racket to go with your Dolce & Gabbana RAZR?

First the bus idea came too late to create a campaign around it, then you pull all the videos from YouTube, then you launch the site without the Polo Gear? C’mon guys, you can get your act together and figure it out. You have a lot of momentum, and a lot of talent to harness. Not since the 70’s/80’s has tennis’ Q rating been this high. Players have rock star status again. Don’t let this all go to waste.


One Response to “My dream U.S. Open Shop”

  1. Michael Says:

    Macys Harrolds Square and Macys Boston are carrying the line. I work at Macys Boston and the line has been really popular but due to its limited supply were about half out of it. The first cut (30%) should be comming next week or so.

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