BMW Tennis Championships


The BMW Tennis Championships is in Sunrise, FL this week…

gustavo kuerten - guga - sunrise tennis

Guga watch continues: Another early exit for Gustavo Kuerten. He got knocked out of the first round by Andreas Seppi. Guga will be in Miami next week. Here’s an interview with him posted on the tournament website.

x - no potito
“x” from kent h’s flickr

Potito famine: Starace‘s still in the draw, and won against Nicolas Massu today. There have been no photos of him ALL WEEK. I’ll post them as soon as they pop up on the gallery. In the meantime, here are some other photos from Sunrise:

Davide Sanguinetti - Sunrise

The salt and pepper (maybe just salt now?) of Italian Davide Sanguinetti.

gael monfils - sunrise tennisgael monfils - sunrise tennis

Gael Monfils showing some color with his sleeveless Nike tanks.

andy lake - sunrise tennis

Andy Lake. He’s the one on the left, I think. The one wearing what Roger Federer would have worn to the Davis Cup first round tie, if he was there. Right, Roger?


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