tennis week magazine: one man’s trash is another man’s…


tennis week cover - sharapova

Tennis Week Magazine unveiled the magazine redesign with an issue entitled “Tennis is Back in Fashion” (and a glammed up Maria Sharapova on the cover. They lost a few sections, and changed the size of the book to that of the old TV Guide.

Some tennis fans aren’t taking the change well, though. They’re accusing IMG, who’d taken over the magazine, of turning it into a big fluff machine.

A poster on Tennis Warehouse: “Tennis Week magazine is now about fashion. It is a cross between People and Vogue.”

Okay, I understand your concern, BUT: If you want to read about results and scores, there are 2,000 other magazines, websites, and blogs you can go to for all that information. I say we welcome this magazine that shows the sport in a different (might I say refreshing) light. We all complain that tennis isn’t embraced enough in the U.S. Perhaps this will help drum up some interest.


2 Responses to “tennis week magazine: one man’s trash is another man’s…”

  1. maria Says:

    i totally agree with you i luv the new magazine

  2. bob Says:

    did you notice that the last poster’s name was Maria..Is it Maria Sharapova or another teen girl ?? The magazine is like People magazine but with worse writing in it. Gene Scott is turning in his grave I am sure. can you say SELL OUT..IMG bought it and destroyed it

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