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HEAD’s browser-based tennis game

March 21, 2007

Pong the Pros - HEAD

As if there weren’t enough browser-based Pong-like tennis games out there, the guys over at HEAD have their own version called Pong the Pro. I can’t quite get it to work on my computer here, so leave a comment and tell me if it’s good. I’ll play around with when I get a chance.

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on your day off from the tennis court…

March 21, 2007

If you’re like me, and your tennis game isn’t quite up to snuff, you try to find ways to intimidate your opponent into losing. But what if the stare-downs aren’t giving you free points, and the elaborate pre-match stretches aren’t making the other guy cower? Don’t bother with all that. Next time, just get straight to the point by showing up looking exactly like a pro.

— Take a look at these masks from the BBC website. (I suggest having them printed onto fabric so you can actually wear them on the court.)

nadal-mask-bbc myskina-mask-bbc murray - mask - bbc

— And if you want to dress like a pro, the folks at Teamsugar have bookmarked a slew of tennis goodies that should make it easier for you to put together a fashionable outfit.

— And when you’ve gotten your look together, but you feel like your game isn’t quite up to pro par, just remember: you can dink that ball into the service box and still find a way to win.

short balls: serena 2.0, mother murray, henin

March 21, 2007

Serena’s leveraging her Aussie Open win: Having only earned $10 million in endorsement money last year (vs. Maria Sharapova‘s $19 million), Serena Williams is eager to add to her coffers. Her team will be announcing a deal for skin-care products in the coming weeks. While we’re talking about her endorsements, here’s my two cents: drop McDonald’s. A woman of her influence should not be promoting the Supersize Me lifestyle. (via Oxford Press)

The Murray series continues: Now that we know about both Andy and Jamie Murray, we should bone up on the mother hen, Judy Murray. She has harnessed her passion for tennis and her children into a service website, (sage advice: “Tennis does not define who your child is, or your relationship with them.”); lobbying for funding of national tennis, and endorsing Head’s AirFlow rackets (alongside Steffi Graf). (via The Sunday Herald)

Not that we didn’t know about it already…: We get more insight on the total emasculation of Justin Henin‘s ex-husband, Pierre-Yves Hardenne, in this article from The Independent. Poor guy.

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more tennis week backlash

March 21, 2007

For those of you who haven’t picked up Tennis Week, check out Kenneth in the (212)’s post about the makeover. Mr. Walsh includes some page scans, and some commentary on a few more sections of the magazine.

tennis week magazine makeover - scan from kenneth from the 212

While they probably shouldn’t have picked Ashley Harkleroad to follow around for a day of shopping and pampering (c’mon, IMG — you couldn’t do better than Ashley effin Harkleroad?), and that look-a-like piece is sooo the “long lost sibs” section of Jon Wertheim‘s mailbag, I still stand my ground: the publishers deserve props for trying to reinvigorate the interest in the game. So what if they’re taking the Teen Vogue route? Let them. The myspace age isn’t going to get hooked on tennis by analyzing tournament draws and rankings. We need to get the circulation up on this sucker, we need to stop trying to put all the TV coverage on the Tennis Channel, and let’s get rid of having to pay to use public tennis courts.

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