short balls: serena 2.0, mother murray, henin


Serena’s leveraging her Aussie Open win: Having only earned $10 million in endorsement money last year (vs. Maria Sharapova‘s $19 million), Serena Williams is eager to add to her coffers. Her team will be announcing a deal for skin-care products in the coming weeks. While we’re talking about her endorsements, here’s my two cents: drop McDonald’s. A woman of her influence should not be promoting the Supersize Me lifestyle. (via Oxford Press)

The Murray series continues: Now that we know about both Andy and Jamie Murray, we should bone up on the mother hen, Judy Murray. She has harnessed her passion for tennis and her children into a service website, (sage advice: “Tennis does not define who your child is, or your relationship with them.”); lobbying for funding of national tennis, and endorsing Head’s AirFlow rackets (alongside Steffi Graf). (via The Sunday Herald)

Not that we didn’t know about it already…: We get more insight on the total emasculation of Justin Henin‘s ex-husband, Pierre-Yves Hardenne, in this article from The Independent. Poor guy.

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