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supermodel in the tennis stands

March 25, 2007

Which fashion celebrity, deserving of a much needed break after spending a few days with New York City’s sanitation department, spent some time enjoying tennis at the Sony Ericsson Open?

Click here to find out.

short balls: navratilova kicks, stretches, and kicks

March 25, 2007

Navratilova's Art Grand SlamMartina Navratilova‘s people are clearly hard at work. First, the fifty-year-old opened a tennis-themed art exhibit, Art Grand Slam, at Roland-Garros (home of the French Open). She teamed up with artist Juraj Kralik, and spawned artwork whose concept lies somewhere between Jackson Pollock and Stephen Murmer.

This and this are two of my favorite pieces.

Martina also just announced plans for a tennis academy in the Czech Republic. She inadvertently criticized the current power hitters — and even the sport’s current magicians — by saying that she wants “to concentrate on a more varied form of tennis, more subtle than the style displayed by Martina Hingis, Justine Henin or Roger Federer.” Wow. Bold statement. Let’s see if she can deliver.

She’s also slated to receive a special award from GLAAD at next month’s Media Awards in Los Angeles.

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