short balls: andy roddick


roddick - aussie open 2007Roddick builds his endorsement roster: Andy Roddick joins the beverage industry fray by partnering up with AriZona Beverage Company for a new beverage that will launch later this year.

Coca-Cola tries to spruce up: For today’s supplemental (OT) reading, here’s an article on Coke’s recently unveiled strategy to call their “carbonated” drinks “sparkling”. Jesus effin christ, what is the world coming to?
(from AdAge, via Guesswork)

Crazy fan art: Actually, not so crazy. In fact, I’m really in love with it.
(from thatjra’s flickr)

It’s not just Rafa who has the problem: Andy seems to struggle with keeping his skivvies (or his junk) in check. You can see for yourself here.
(via Towleroad’s Andy Roddick Hub)

>> lacoste’s plan is working
>> short balls: Sports Business Journal edition
a tip for mauresmo

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