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fashion mishit: roddick at the players party

March 24, 2007

Here’s what Andy wore to the SEO players party two nights ago:

roddick - sony ericsson players party - lacoste

Andy, Andy, Andy. You have an endorsement deal with one of the coolest clothiers around, and all you could come up with was a polo? Let’s go over what you could have been wearing from Lacoste‘s Spring/Summer Collection. (Read more after the cut)

fashion mishit: Spadea’s bedazzling performance

March 23, 2007

Yesterday’s rain delay didn’t help Robby Ginepri in his 6-1, 6-3, second-round loss to Vince Spadea. Perhaps Vince’s outfit didn’t help Robby’s case, either.

How bad was it? Ginepri said, “Yeah, I wore that to a sixth grade dance maybe.”

Click here to see what Vince wore.

stella mccartney… adidas, lesportsac

March 23, 2007

My eyes are rolling into the back of my head, and I have nitro:licious to thank.

Today they posted a preview of Stella McCartney‘s Fall ’07 line for adidas.

Here’s one of the cute tennis outfits from the collection. (Click on the photo to go to the post.)

And in more McCartney news — in case you didn’t know yet — she’s doing a line of bags with LeSportSac.

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it finally happened

March 23, 2007

Tree huggers rejoice. If you ever thought that glowsticks go straight to a landfill, fear not: they found a second home in Miami this week.

Yep, Night Tennis finally happened, and it pretty much looked exactly as expected. Click here for photos of Bethanie Mattek in her blacklight attire.

If this is how she plans to bump up interest in tennis, then she is sadly mistaken. Let’s go back to the drawing board, eh?

I am very curious to know how Night Tennis will pan out in Thailand. That is, if they’re still even considering it at this point. If they back out, it’s cool. Ridding yourself of crazy ideas seems to be all the rage right now.

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sharapova’s outfits for miami

March 22, 2007

There’s also word on the street that Masha, as she is affectionately called, is debuting some new threads at this week’s Sony Ericsson Open.

nike control tank top - maria sharapova nike control skirt - maria sharapova nike control dress - maria sharapova nike control capris - maria sharapova
From left to right: Nike Control tank top, skirt, dress, and capris

The two items on the left compose what is likely Maria’s night match outfit, and will continue her trend of wearing little black dresses. There is a thin strip of shiny fabric that goes down the front of the tank; I’m loving all the textures (the pleats!) and the layers on the skirt.

The two items on the right are the other outfit. Perhaps Nike has been feeling the pressures of what Stella McCartney has been doing at adidas: the blue dress looks too similar to what Maria Kirilenko‘s been wearing as of late. The capris are to be worn under the dress.

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sony ericsson player party: maria sharapova

March 22, 2007

Ran across this blurb yesterday for a players party being hosted by Ocean Drive magazine for this week’s Sony Ericsson Tournament:

James Blake, Andy Roddick and Venus Williams are hosting the Sony Ericsson Open and Ocean Drive magazine kickoff party at Set on Wednesday. In addition, singer Robin Thicke will perform live. Confirmed celeb guests include Naomi Campbell, Helio Castroneves, Shannon Elizabeth, Daisy Fuentes, Lennox Lewis, Anna Kournikova, Jon Secada and Gabrielle Union.

Of course, Maria Sharapova showed up in style:

Maria Sharapova - Sony Ericsson Player Party Maria Sharapova - Sony Ericsson Player Party Maria Sharapova - Sony Ericsson

If you guys have any photos from the party, please send them our way: tennisCBH AT gmail DOT com.

via the Maria Sharapova Picture Thread at

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guga watch 2007: miami

March 22, 2007

gustavo kuerten - guga - sony ericsson open 2007Gustavo Kuerten crashed out of the first round of the 2007 Sony Ericsson Open, losing to Raemon Sluiter 6-2, 6-2. Le sigh.

Guga gets points from CBH for wearing the Brazilian colors.

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HEAD’s browser-based tennis game

March 21, 2007

Pong the Pros - HEAD

As if there weren’t enough browser-based Pong-like tennis games out there, the guys over at HEAD have their own version called Pong the Pro. I can’t quite get it to work on my computer here, so leave a comment and tell me if it’s good. I’ll play around with when I get a chance.

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on your day off from the tennis court…

March 21, 2007

If you’re like me, and your tennis game isn’t quite up to snuff, you try to find ways to intimidate your opponent into losing. But what if the stare-downs aren’t giving you free points, and the elaborate pre-match stretches aren’t making the other guy cower? Don’t bother with all that. Next time, just get straight to the point by showing up looking exactly like a pro.

— Take a look at these masks from the BBC website. (I suggest having them printed onto fabric so you can actually wear them on the court.)

nadal-mask-bbc myskina-mask-bbc murray - mask - bbc

— And if you want to dress like a pro, the folks at Teamsugar have bookmarked a slew of tennis goodies that should make it easier for you to put together a fashionable outfit.

— And when you’ve gotten your look together, but you feel like your game isn’t quite up to pro par, just remember: you can dink that ball into the service box and still find a way to win.

short balls: serena 2.0, mother murray, henin

March 21, 2007

Serena’s leveraging her Aussie Open win: Having only earned $10 million in endorsement money last year (vs. Maria Sharapova‘s $19 million), Serena Williams is eager to add to her coffers. Her team will be announcing a deal for skin-care products in the coming weeks. While we’re talking about her endorsements, here’s my two cents: drop McDonald’s. A woman of her influence should not be promoting the Supersize Me lifestyle. (via Oxford Press)

The Murray series continues: Now that we know about both Andy and Jamie Murray, we should bone up on the mother hen, Judy Murray. She has harnessed her passion for tennis and her children into a service website, (sage advice: “Tennis does not define who your child is, or your relationship with them.”); lobbying for funding of national tennis, and endorsing Head’s AirFlow rackets (alongside Steffi Graf). (via The Sunday Herald)

Not that we didn’t know about it already…: We get more insight on the total emasculation of Justin Henin‘s ex-husband, Pierre-Yves Hardenne, in this article from The Independent. Poor guy.

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more tennis week backlash

March 21, 2007

For those of you who haven’t picked up Tennis Week, check out Kenneth in the (212)’s post about the makeover. Mr. Walsh includes some page scans, and some commentary on a few more sections of the magazine.

tennis week magazine makeover - scan from kenneth from the 212

While they probably shouldn’t have picked Ashley Harkleroad to follow around for a day of shopping and pampering (c’mon, IMG — you couldn’t do better than Ashley effin Harkleroad?), and that look-a-like piece is sooo the “long lost sibs” section of Jon Wertheim‘s mailbag, I still stand my ground: the publishers deserve props for trying to reinvigorate the interest in the game. So what if they’re taking the Teen Vogue route? Let them. The myspace age isn’t going to get hooked on tennis by analyzing tournament draws and rankings. We need to get the circulation up on this sucker, we need to stop trying to put all the TV coverage on the Tennis Channel, and let’s get rid of having to pay to use public tennis courts.

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nadal and his whale

March 20, 2007

Thank god the Rafa Nadal trophy photo shoot wasn’t televised somewhere. Because surely the FCC would have been all over it like Prince’s Super Bowl “malfunction”.

Click here to see why.

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Nike Air Tech Challenge now for sale

March 20, 2007

nike air tech challenge - hypebeast nike air tech challenge - hypebeast

After much hype, the Nike Air Tech Challenge — Andre Agassi‘s shoes from back in the day — has been reintroduced.

The “kicks” (oh, kids today and their lingo) come in colorways of White/Black/Sonic Yellow and White/Black/Varsity Purple.

Interesting: The Agassi logo once on the back of the shoe has been replaced by a Nike tennis logo. I say leave it there. Nike, while they have heavyweights Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on their roster, shouldn’t forget the fogies. So unless Agassi objects, I say let his fashion trendsetting legacy live on.

You can buy the shoes through Purchaze.

via (and more pictures at) Hypebeast

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mia and bec this week

March 20, 2007

As you know, the Hewitts have a contract for a weekly column in the Australian Woman’s Day. The March 20 issue had these photos of daughter Mia with Bec.

bec and mia mia-0320-womansday

The accompanying article talks about Mia’s recent accomplishments, including knowing all her animal sounds and colors. She’s also beginning to speak some French.


Jamie Murray is no Haylie Duff, and other stories

March 20, 2007

I didn’t mean for today’s short balls to be such a downer post, but here it is. Ya gotta take the good with the bad. Enjoy.

Jamie Murray - The GuardianJamie Murray is no Haylie Duff: Scottish tennis player Jamie Murray — the older brother of phenom Andy Murray — is making a name for himself in doubles. The Guardian published a good profile today, in conjunction with the news that Jamie’s been tapped to play Davis Cup next month, when Great Britain plays the Netherlands.

Junior tennis in the UK, pt. 2: Here’s another story from The Guardian about another player getting lost in the fray. Good luck to her, and good luck to the LTA as they try to get their operations in order.

Tennis down under, going under?: A little dated, but still relevant. The Times reports on the state of Australian Tennis: how it’s getting overshadowed by more “exciting” sports such as rugby, cricket, and swimming; how only now is Tennis Australia beefing up its player development fund; and how a whole generation of great coaches aren’t getting the support they need. Hopefully, they’ll fix this and fix it soon.

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florida memory project: nadal’s pants 2.0

March 20, 2007

man and boy - florida memor project

Ok, so the photo might be a little blurry, but you get the picture. Take a look at the guy’s pants (the one on the right). When Rafa Nadal gets tired with wearing his yoga pants on the court, perhaps we can offer this as an alternative.

It looks so fabulous with those Chuck Taylor-esque shoes. I wonder what kind of ankle support you get with it (probably not a lot), so it makes things a little iffy. Especially with Nadal’s grinding style, he’ll need all the support he can get.

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puma French 77: an update

March 19, 2007

puma - french 77

To build more buzz for the launch of Puma‘s French 77 line this April, they’ve released a book of photographs by Hubertus von Hohenlohe with nymphs Lydia Hearst, Lizzie Jagger and Theodora Richards all shooting the shit with 70’s tastemakers Guillermo Vilas, Udo Kier, and Giacomo Agostini.

More photos at Puma Talk.

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at least it’s not a spy bag

March 19, 2007

lacoste bag - teamsugar

Here’s a cute green carryall from the folks at Lacoste. I’ll have to start playing tennis again (regularly) so I have an excuse to snatch one up.

Who am I kidding? Like anything has ever stopped me from buying a bag. Well, anything but my friend Pony’s death stare.

Lacoste Sport Retro Tennis Bag,
via teamsugar

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short balls: borg underwear model search in London; federer’s girlfriend; martina in philly

March 19, 2007

bjorn borg - underwear models - towleroad

Borg’s UK Model Search: Towleroad brings us news of Bjorn Borg‘s recent model search in London. From what I’ve seen of models they’ve used in the past, only the guy on the left would make the cut…

The woman behind the man: Mirka Vavrinec, longtime girlfriend of Roger Federer, gets a slight profile in this piece at

Navratilova + politics: The Philadelphia Daily News makes a brief mention of Martina Navratilova‘s stop in the City of Brotherly Love to help endorse the first openly gay man to run for city office in Philadelphia. The candidate, Dan Anders, is also Martina’s first endorsement.

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hantuchova’s return

March 19, 2007

hantuchova - indian wells 2007
Totally gorgeous and glowing in her Nike Aussie Avian dress

Daniela Hantuchova defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova 6-3, 6-4 to win the Pacific Life Open title on Saturday. No need for CBH to rehash what Svetlana was wearing. Fila: please help her.

But I do want to point out that Hantuchova didn’t always look so good. Remember this? SCARY.

hantuchova - skeletor

The press went crazy. Maybe because she was practically naked, and maybe because she was flirting with anorexia? At the very least, we were all just concerned that she’d gone the way of Patty Schnyder and her epsiode with that svengali.

Daniela: I hope you keep eating and keep up the amazing tennis. And if you’re ever feeling down and defeated, just remember: Martina Hingis thinks you’re brilliant.

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