serena got the memo…


It’s only fitting that Serena‘s outfit matched the purple courts (and the confetti) at today’s Sony Ericsson Open final in Miami; the woman always looks good on the court. She came back in the third set to beat the Belgian Justine Henin, 0-6, 7-5, 6-3.

And while I won’t knock Justine’s playing style — she has one of the most amazing one-handed backhands in existence — I will say that she can do better to play in style…

That adidas outfit is blah. Unlike Serena’s Nike getup, with her cute heart-shaped pendant and an even cuter set of “Serena” bamboo earrings. But, le sigh… a disappointing bland trophy that’s so un-Miami. I would have expected a leopard print plaque, a bouquet of peacock feathers. perhaps a bust of Donatella Versace.

>> florida oranges 2.0 aka more tennis fashion
>> nadal and his whale
>> trophies: dubai, vegas, qatar, mexico


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