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Anna Kournikova’s K-swiss campaign

April 4, 2007


K-Swiss is banking on the face that launched a thousand Google searches to help revive its brand. And as scheduled, the company started its Anna Kournikova campaign. Here’s the commercial.

While the ad itself left me unimpressed — there’s nothing memorable about the action scenes, the CG, the Rocco De Luca & the Burden single — I must say that the SI-18 Rannells featured in the ad were awesome.

SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss

You might know that I’m a sucker for K-Swiss’ signature diagonal stripes, so I usually sing praise for their products anyway. In this case, though, there’s good reason for kudos. Much like how adidas decked out Ivanovic‘s shoes in Swarovski, and Puma put Guillermo Vilas‘ mug on the tongues of the GV series line, K-Swiss paid attention to detail and embroidered the flags of all Grand Slam host countries on the back of the shoes.

SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss-C SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss-B

What a fitting release in time for the upcoming Fed Cup and Davis Cup ties. Flags on shirts AND shoes. Brilliant!

(Also, trivia question of the day: Name four countries whose flags only use red, white, AND blue.)

Meanwhile, the Ascendor SL T — Anna’s shoe — was shockingly uninspired. But potentially cute if in the powderblue colorway.

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