HEAD swimming in orange


HEAD got on the orange express when they rebranded earlier this year.

The company wants to move away from its “technology-driven” image and more towards an athletic one: “outrageous, spontaneous and adventurous”. The new logo is thicker and orange. Here are the tennis-related ads

Patty Schnyder: “HEAD listens. HEAD learns. HEAD evolves with me”.

patty schnyder - head

Marat Safin: “Head has come a long way. and it will go further.”

marat safin - head ad

Andy Murray: “I rely on myself to reach my goals. and on HEAD.”

andy murray - head

Gael Monfils: “i want to be the best. so does HEAD.”

gael monfils - head ad

Svetlana Kuznetsova: “I want to get better every time I pick up a racket. Like HEAD.”

svetlana kuznetsova - head ad

While I appreciate the lack of stereotypical action shots, I’m not entirely convinced that these portraits are quite selling the concept of the “competitive athlete”. They look too soft. Perhaps HEAD was relying too much on context: we all know that Marat, Patty and Bode Miller (not pictured, but part of their wintersports roster) get press coverage about their spontaneous on- and off-court combustions. Who knows. Anyway, I like the new logo, and the evolution is always good. They can always replace the pictures. and rewrite those Engrish-esque quotes.


One Response to “HEAD swimming in orange”

  1. Tennis This Says:

    There’s nothing like rebranding. It draws a lot of attention to their name which is good. Though you guys are right about the photos. Seems a bit flat, like I’m reading some sort of “got milk?” ad. I like the quotes, I wonder if they’re actually the athletes….

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