lacoste: dot and dash follow-up


I have some more info about the Lacoste Dot and Dash sneakers:

A bit of history, as relayed to me by Mark Godwin at Lacoste Footwear: “The shoes both date back to 1983/1984. Both shoes have had their names changed for legal reasons since the 80’s; Dot was originally known as ‘Balsa’ and Dash as ‘Club’.”

Dash was designed as a clay court shoe. The chevron-shaped knobs in the sole–set at different levels–created a good anti-clogging system. The same sole design was manufactured with gum rubber, and worked well in indoor courts.


But why is the pair with dots named Dash (and the one with suede dashes named Dot)? “When the shoes were first re-introduced in the late 1990’s they were re-named but somehow the shoe with the dots was named dash and vice-versa! We have stayed with these names for their re-launch.”

Simple as that.

Dot comes in white/green and white/red. Dash only comes in the off-white color.

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One Response to “lacoste: dot and dash follow-up”

  1. wherearethey Says:

    I can’t seem to find the dot and dash anywhere…would love to get a pair. Anyone have a clue?

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