sharapova update: new tv ads, clothes from nike, etc.


Lots of Maria Sharapova bits on the interwebs from the last few weeks…

maria-sharapova-gatorade1.jpg— Adding insult to right shoulder and left hamstring injury: the Body Mass Index (BMI) categorizes Maria as obese.

— Her April 11 doodle refers to a new commercial for the “Make Every Shot a Powershot” campaign. The ad will make its debut at the French Open. (Photos from the shoot available here.)

— And speaking of ads, her first ad with Gatorade (an endorsement deal announced at the beginning of this year) started rotation. Element 79 Partners shot the ad in Costa Rica. It uses melodies from the song “Maria” in the West Side Story. (Click here to watch the ad.)

— On her recent design meeting with Nike: “We basically sit around on couches, with magazines and architectural books piled up on the floor and brainstorm ideas…There is always a story behind everything they do or create… Our goal for that meeting was this year’s US Open…..after last year’s dress there’s a lot of pressure on creating something even more amazing…”

As a refresher, here are the dresses from the U.S. Open 2006; from left to right: her day dress, the bolero, the bolero from the back, her little black dress, and from the lbd from the back.

(Photos from the Masha Picture Thread at

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2 Responses to “sharapova update: new tv ads, clothes from nike, etc.”

  1. randy Says:

    she’s got a great body.let her show it off.i’m thinking thong bikini.
    sure would beat s.williams with her fat pihhy boobs hanging out.

  2. randy Says:

    that’s piggy boobs

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