tattoo watch: Kristof Vliegen


In case you missed the ATP blog Kristof Vliegen wrote while playing the Heineken Open this past January, I should point out that he mentions a newly acquired tattoo:

I got (it) in Brussels when I got back from holidays. I had been looking to get one for six years… Everyone seems to have a small tattoo in Belgium, so I’m now part of a club.

He got the nickname “Fly” from Carl Maes (Kim Clijsters‘ former coach) 12 or so years ago.

p.s. To the Americans out there: Happy Tax Day!

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4 Responses to “tattoo watch: Kristof Vliegen”

  1. Austy Says:

    That picture is hot, but he doesn’t photograph very well. I image searched him on google, and it was very hit and miss.

  2. ruberdcky Says:

    Yep. Those ATP photographers are talented.

  3. tattoos Says:

    Looks like a Japanese or chinese design. I like the look.

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