Fed Cup’s pink fuzzy tennis heart


At the beginning of last year’s Fed Cup season, BNP Paribas asked the players to help choose a new brand identity for the event (to mark the beginning of the bank’s role as title sponsor). The players decided on pink. (I would have gone with the black and purple motif, but the TMS tourneys already claimed the purple.)

And they were serious about the pink. This year, they’re launching an ad campaign with these scary fuzzy mutant tennis hearts:

Here’s a photo of the Fed Cup. Now that’s something you’ll want to put in a trophy case.

Photo from BNP Paribas

And if you’d like to know which players are representing their countries this weekend, the team nominations are here.

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One Response to “Fed Cup’s pink fuzzy tennis heart”

  1. Austy Says:

    Is it just me, or does that pink heart-shaped tennis ball looks like an ad for a breast cancer foundation? either I’ve become hyper sensitive to non-profit advertising campaigns, or breast cancer ads are so ubiquitous that anything pink and remotely sentimental makes me immediately think of them.

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