sharapova turns 20


Happy birthday to Maria Sharapova. She turns 20 today — middle-aged for a gal in professional tennis.

Sadly, she has been in a slump: she’s injured, with a shaken confidence, and armed with a once-strong serve that has become a liability.

What does this all mean for tennis’ “it” girl (and, more importantly, her fans)? Don’t write her off just quite yet, says Peter Bodo. The tenacity that led her to conquer Madison Avenue and win two Grand Slam titles can likely fuel a few more great Maria moments in the next few years.

Here’s to a nice, relaxing birthday. Let’s hope it’s as fun as last year’s TAG Heuer party at Nobu, or the small gathering Motorola threw for her at Hiro in 2005.

Oh, and speaking of things she (allegedly) did last year, Andy Roddick will be signing autographs at the Lacoste in Austin this coming Monday.

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