Agassi to help announce Athletes for Hope on Good Morning America


Teasers for tomorrow’s episode of Good Morning America mention a slew of athletes — including Andre Agassi — coming together for a big announcement. Some quick Googling turned up this, from the April 22 issue of the Las Vegas Sun:

Scheduled for Tuesday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, Andre Agassi gives “GMA’s” Robin Roberts a tour of Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy. On Wednesday’s broadcast Agassi will join a group of famous jocks to announce the new foundation Athletes for Hope, which will focus on a variety of philanthropic causes. Agassi has long been a prince of such efforts…

Agassi and Graf continue to make their move…

>> Graf in Glamour, wearing Gaultier
>> agassi whacks steffi: the video”
>> the graf-agassi machine
>> agassi: what will be in his memoir, etc.
>> Andre Agassi College Prep Academy
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