Puma French 77 was inspired by the ’70s. keep it there.


french 77 puma

Puma has finally released the much anticipated Guillermo Vilas-inspired French 77 line this month, and I’m sad to say that except for a cute few items, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Why give us something that Stella McCartney‘s pretty much done for adidas?

Acessories: First, after publicizing Heatherette‘s take on the classic Racket Grip Bag (named “Lydia”, after Lydia Hearst), Puma deflated the street cred balloon by giving us this:


I know the Lydia was meant as a limited edition piece, but the regular version had so much potential.

Men’s line: For the men, my picks are (from left to right) the Track Jacket, the Lux Track Jacket, and cute pink graphic tee depicting a 70’s-era hairstyle:

french77-menstrackjacket.jpg french77-mensluxtrackjacket.jpg french77-mensgraphictee.jpg

What we could have done without: the blazer/hoodie combo (it’s soooo over) and their homage to Rafael Nadal‘s clamdiggers:


Women’s line: For the women, my picks are the Slim Fit Dress, the Seersucker Jacket, and the 3/4 Hooded Track Jacket:


Shoes: None of the shoes stood out, but keep in mind that the Hall of Fame edition of the GV series is still to come. Guillermo’s mug will be printed on the shoe tongue.

As for the rest of the website….

Puma takes a different direction with their online website game, opting out of the stereotypical Pong-type game (see: K-Swiss, American Express, the BBC, HEAD), and instead choosing a Frogger-esque format called “Party Hopper” — the game’s objective is to “jump” your way through obstacles to get to party. “A” for its innovative concept, but “C” for execution.

They also shot some tv ads for the campaign. Here’s one on YouTube.

SHOP: If you want to browse yourself (or shop, even), the link to the French 77 line is here.

ITEMS YOU LOVE: What of the French 77 line do you love? Tell us.

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3 Responses to “Puma French 77 was inspired by the ’70s. keep it there.”

  1. Fefe Says:

    Party Hopper – so easy a Caveman can do it.
    What is with the piratas? Vilas was showing plenty of leg.

  2. carlos zaragoza ponce Says:

    Es una exelente marca de ropa yde colores modernos

  3. volley tennis Says:

    great site

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