fashion round-up: nole, mathieu, clement, and the ladies in poland


paul-henri mathieu in estoril

Paul-Henri Mathieu goes for a Steve McQueen look at Estoril this week. He wore a very flattering adidas top all the way to the all-French semifinal against Gasquet. I could live without that seam running down the front of the torso, but the simplicity of the buttonless v-neck collar wins. (above, left)

— This might be old to you, but news to me: Arnaud Clement has cut off his mane. Good for you, Arnie. It’s about time you stopped hiding behind the sunglasses and the hair. (above, right; against Kohlschreiber, wearing Lacoste)

Novak Djokovic, ever the showman, went soccer-crazy for his fans. He won over the Lisboans by wearing a SL Benfica jersey earlier in the week (right), and he followed it up by wearing one from the Serbian national team for yesterday’s final (left). Portuguese soccer star Eusebio was even on hand at the trophy presentation.

nole and richard nole in sl benfica jersey

— And as Off The Baseline pointed out, some of the ladies in Warsaw were unprepared for the freakishly cold weather at the J&S Cup in Poland. They layered with long-sleeved shirts under their halter dresses. It did not look pretty.

Venus Williams playing against Michaella Krajicek:

krajicek vs. v. williams - poland v. williams vs. krajicek - poland

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