kim clijsters: humble in her celebrity


kim clijsters at the u.s. open

Kim Clijsters leaves women’s tennis as one of the top 50 greatest players of all time. Her terrific footwork and strong strokes helped her gain 34 singles titles, including the 2005 US Open, where she won over $2 million dollars in a matter of weeks.

Kim is one of the nicest people I have ever met, signing thousands of autographs at each tournament she played in, and giving out her sweat bands to anyone who asked for them. Her smile lit up stadiums after tough matches, and she always looked like she enjoyed what she did for a living. “It is time for a new life. Time for marriage. Time for children. Time also to relax and to play with my dogs. And especially to spend a lot of time with my family and friends’,” she explains on her website.

Aussie Kim, have fun and hope to see you around again!

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2 Responses to “kim clijsters: humble in her celebrity”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    she is one of my favorite players and i am deeply saddened and at the same time happy about her decision to retire.

  2. jude Says:

    sadly didnt see many of her games but is still probably my fav player of all – her simplicity was brilliant and stood her out from the crowd trying to outdo each other for the limelight… someone should have told them the only way to stand out is by being yourself because no one else on earth is like you…

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