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tattoo watch: arnaud clement

May 10, 2007


Tattoo watch: Frenchman Arnaud Clement has two. The one on his lower back is of a painting of Mont Sainte-Victoire. Not sure about the one on his arm. If you have any ideas, e-mail me.

Edit: Via’s Tennis clears up the shoulder tat: it’s an owl. Thanks!

clement-1-copy.jpg clement2-copy.jpg clement3-copy.jpg

More where this came from: Check out the rest of our Arnaud archives for more pictures (some shirtless, some not) of our favorite Frenchman.

(back tattoo photo via Via’s Tennis; shoulder photos via Mens Tennis Forums)


the agassi/graf dream team conquers furniture

May 10, 2007

Everyone’s getting in on designer furniture, including Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.


The Agassi Graf Collection by Kreiss is “a unique collection that captures this dynamic couple’s indomitable energy and spirit while remaining true to the classic Kreiss style.” God, press releases blow sometimes.

Still, some of it’s pretty cute. My top picks (from left to right): the Leather Lounge ($3,302.50), the Vicenza Stone Coffee Table ($3,450), and the Mercury Lounge ($1,825).

kreiss leather lounge vicenze stone - kreiss mercury lounge

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