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in-your-face marketing: playing tennis in a busy intersection

May 11, 2007

Photographer Bryan Lowe captured these awesome images promoting the Heineken Open last year.

They had a tennis match going on in the middle of a busy intersection! He happened upon the scrimmage game set up in Auckland’s Business District (complete with an umpire). At every light change they’d walk across the intersection and play as the pedestrians crossed the street.

I spoke to him about it via e-mail: “There was no one arranged to capture the promotion which I thought was a shame… so I asked if they would like to have a photographer present and the rest is history.”

Perhaps the folks at the U.S. Open can set this up to build on last year’s Street Slam. You won’t have to shut down 54th street to make this happen. The city would be eternally grateful.

street1.jpg street2.jpg street3.jpg

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‘the scud’ looks for love on NBC reality series

May 11, 2007


What is it with Australian tennis players appearing on reality TV shows? Dancing with the Stars has the monopoly (with Alicia Molik and Todd Woodbridge making appearances), but this stateside show takes the cake:

Mark Philippoussis is set to star in NBC’s Age of Love, “a social experiment based on the question: When it comes to falling in love, does age really matter?”

Yikes. Is this what happens when you drop IMG as a manager?

Bits from the rest of the press release:

“The suspense builds in early episodes as Mark — unaware of the (show’s) concept — is first introduced to the “Cougars” (a group of 40-something women). As he meets them one by one, their ages increase much to his surprise…

“Mark’s ready for all of that to change. He has found a home in Las Vegas, Nevada and is at a turning point in his life. For the first time, Mark feels that he has achieved enough stability to invite someone into his life and into his heart.”

(via Reality TV Magazine, photos via Men’s Tennis Forum)

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