federer splits with tony roche!



To add to the drama that is Roger Federer sans a Roland Garros title, he just split up with Tony Roche, his coach of two and a half years.

Clearly the man is in a slump and wants to do some spring cleaning. Volandri and Canas have found a way into his head (Volandri with one win, and Canas with two), and he still can’t penetrate the Nadal bubble (with 1 loss; two if you count the Battle of the Surfaces). Plus there was that loss to Roddick in Kooyong.

But if you think it’s a bad move to sack your coach two weeks before a Grand Slam, you need not worry for this Swiss: he won three Grand Slam titles after splitting with Peter Lundgren in 2003.

Edit: Josh at Fagistan pointed out that Canas has beaten Federer twice.

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2 Responses to “federer splits with tony roche!”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Canas has actually beaten Federer twice this year. At Indian Wells and Miami.

    But a question: if he’s doing some “spring cleaning” — but hasn’t, apparently, found a new coach, how can it possibly be better to chase the French Open with NO coach?

    A bit early to predict this but I say: Federer’s burned out.

  2. Laurence Says:

    I agree, I think Roger has gone off the rails. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he deserves to be World Number 1, it just means he is not untouchable. I doubt opponants FEAR Federer like they fear Nadal on clay.

    I think that if Nadal has a resonable go at Wimbledon and good Hard Court season once he moves off clay, he will be pushing for that #1 spot.

    At last tennis has become more than Federer.

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