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djokovic does roddick

May 13, 2007

Have you seen Andy Roddick do impersonations of McEnroe, Agassi, and even Sharapova? They’re pretty good. The Tennis Channel’s No Strings Attached did a segment on it a while back (see it on YouTube).

nole does andy roddick - us open 2003

Nole Djokovic, a showman himself, gives Roddick a taste of his own medicine at Players’ Revue in Monte Carlo last month. He got everything down perfect, from those rubber bracelets (ugh), to the baseball cap, to sticking out his tongue.

Do you agree? Tell us what you think.

(photo via the ATP Gallery)

Two things real quick:

1) happy day to all the mothers out there.

2) Can we give Nikolay Davydenko a quick pat on the back for taking Nadal to three sets (and for continuing to rock the orange)? From a fellow myspacer: “Rafa looked exhausted by the end of the second set. If only Davy had got that drop shot over te (sic) net at set point 5-4 in the 1st set, who knows, it could have been a straight sets win for Davydenko.”

>> Nole goes soccer crazy
>> davydenko gets dolled up


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