fashion: mattek tames her dress, wins a title


mattek-florida-today.jpg Bethanie Mattek won the MIMA Foundation/USTA Pro Tennis Classic yesterday (her first one in 18 months).

Florida Today reports that she’s been working with her coach to improve her strokes and playing style. “I see (tennis) now as a chess match,” she says. Good for her. More players need to realize that blowing someone off the court isn’t the only way to play.

It looks like she’s working on her outfits, too. That teal bandana/ruffled skirt look is an improvement from last year’s Wimbledon tunic ensemble, and from that argyle cowboy hat(!) she wore at the U.S. Open. Now she’s at least in Guga Kuerten/Arnaud Clement/Vince Spadea territory — wild, but palatable.

(top photo via; argyle hat photo via the Volkl website)

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