hewitt’s necklaces


Marat Safin isn’t the only one sporting hot neckwear on the tour. Here are photos of Aussie Lleyton Hewitt‘s necklaces from the last two weeks:

hewitt necklace hewitt necklace hamburg

Photo from Hamburg (left) and Rome (right). Though the chain works better to hold his wedding band, I think the sporty necklace on the right is a better fit for the scrappy counterpuncher.

Which one do you prefer? Tell us.

SHOP: if you have an itch for a necklace yourself, let me suggest the Athletes For Hope dog tags, Erica Weiner’s rhinos, the match necklace at catbird, or this 10-charm (one of them’s a stamper!) necklace from Colette.

>> dog tags for sale at AthletesForHope.org
>> fashion: men’s necklaces
>> lleyton does australia proud


7 Responses to “hewitt’s necklaces”

  1. Steph Says:

    I def. liked the black one better! he’s so cute!!


  2. VeRdA Says:

    hmm.They both look hot but i guess the black one gives him a more “bad boy” image.

    Cmon L!

  3. Egg Says:

    The black one is cool. Any know the manufacturer?

  4. Phil Says:

    hello, do you know where to get the whitegold necklace of Hewett? brand? Price?


  5. Chain Fan Says:

    The first one is so hot!

  6. Flashing Beacon · Says:

    you can hire wedding bands that play very well with just a few hundred dollars :

  7. Gold Detector Says:

    i like very cute wedding bands that are lined with satin clothe and some velvet colored stuffs too `’*

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