tennis and street wear collide



To commemorate Roger Federer‘s upcoming attempt at his first French Open title, Plus41 (a street wear design house based in Switzerland) has produced a t-shirt bearing the phrase “We Love Roger!”.

What do you think of the shirt? Tell us here.

This, along with Billionaire Boys Club’s “A.T.P.” shirts and the Supreme x Fila collaboration (check out those headbands!) are among many tennis-related items being produced by the street wear industry lately. Im very glad to see a lot of hype surrounding this year’s French Open and hopefully these clothing items will help the sport grow and reach a new audience.

supreme-vans-fila-2.jpg supreme-vans-fila-3.jpg supreme-vans-fila-4.jpg

CHECK IT OUT: You can see more of the Supreme x Fila collection here, via HypeBeast.

Tennis Served Fresh is hosting former TennisJuicer JNP as a guest blogger. JNP can be reached at tenniscbh AT gmail DOT com.


3 Responses to “tennis and street wear collide”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Cool retro look. I’d rock the sweatbands and wristbands.

  2. Laker Girl Says:

    nice shirt ๐Ÿ™‚ roger is going through a slump so maybe something different to bring his game up lol. i prefer Nadal because of the energy he brings onto the court and his persistence in contrast to Roger. However Roger is a great champion and has been immortal the last few years so i’m very interested in seeing how this yr is going to shape up. Good luck to him and Nadal! Go Nadal..French Open!

  3. grace Says:

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