buhskyooze me?


Roger Federer ended Rafael Nadal‘s 81-match clay streak with a 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 win in the finals of the Masters Series Hamburg tournament. The battle for the Roland Garros title just got a lot more interesting, folks.


One Response to “buhskyooze me?”

  1. Tennisdan Says:

    It did get a lot more interesting – but there is a saying in Australian football that if you are going to take a loss, do it right before the big game…

    Thomas Muster also once said of opponents he had a tougher time of beating before the French: “you don’t show your opponents everything you have right before the French…”…(and I’m paraphrasing wildly)…

    I could be wrong (and often am), and for the sake of the history books I also wouldn’t be unhappy for the Fed to collect the full set…

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