a train wreck in istanbul


…but it didn’t involve the Orient Express (which might go the way of the Western Union telegram after June, fyi).

It looks like some memos got lost in the mail, because I’m pretty sure that fashion icons Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams would never show up for an Istanbul Cup photo opp — complete with traditional Ottoman garb — looking like amateurs.

Masha (left) came overdressed with her slacks and platform sandals, and Venus (middle) wore white socks and shoes. WHAT?!

maria sharapova - istanbul cup venus williams - istanbul cup elena dementieva - istanbul cup

Elena Dementieva (right) either lucked out or dressed smart. Her silver pumps matched her outfit. Kudos.


7 Responses to “a train wreck in istanbul”

  1. unclealex Says:

    all i can say is yikes. on a lighter not, men.style.com just rounded up this seasons must have racquets – http://men.style.com/gear/tennis_racquets?mbid=mwn – and i have to say that the prince speedport is quite dashing.

  2. butter Says:

    Elena wore it best =)

    butter: I agree. Whatever the circumstances that surrounded the photo shoot, Elena looked the best.

  3. Nez Says:

    i agree with butter… Elena looks better than the other two girls

  4. ruberdcky Says:

    Alex: I saw that racquet, too. It’s glorious, but waaay too light. I’m all about heavier ones. Easier to control.

  5. Todd and in Charge Says:

    Yep, Elena wins that battle (for once).

  6. Philster Says:

    Maria won…that’s all that matters to me

  7. Boldly Beautiful Says:

    and Venus lost….thats all that matters! lol

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