puma gv hall of fame edition – on sale


gvspecial1eq7.jpg gvspecial2te9.jpg gvspecial3hd8.jpg

Just a quick note that the Puma GV Hall of Fame Edition sneaker is now for sale, rounding out the company’s Guillermo Vilas-inspired campaign as of late.

And in case you’re wondering: that is Vilas’ mug shot on shoe’s tongue. Such subtle vanity! (What do you think of the shoes? Tell us.)

Of course I can’t figure out where to buy them. If you’re desperate, get them from sneakersnstuff (a Swedish merchant). If you have a stateside vendor, write me back with the info: TennisCBH AT Gmail DOT com.

(photos via Puma Talk)


3 Responses to “puma gv hall of fame edition – on sale”

  1. Todd and in Charge Says:

    Weird — I was in Marshall’s the other day and they had a whole bunch of Arthur Ashe old-school sneakers, with his image on the shoe too.

    Who thinks that looks good?

  2. Dave Says:

    Solebox (a German sneaker retailer) also has them. But I have not been able to locate these shoes in North America.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I ordered my g.vilas hofs from The Tannery. Received them today. I found them on google which makes me wonder how limited the release really is. BTW-they were $90.

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