tattoo (and piercings!) watch: janko tipsarevic


(Editor Update: Our tattoo watch lives on as part of our duties at Tennis Now, which we took on in July 2012. Check us out there.)


The oft-spectacled Serbian Janko Tipsarevic has a bunch of tattoos. Most notable is a quote from Dostoevsky’s The Idiot — “Beauty will save the world.” — on his left arm, inked in Japanese. (He thought about getting it done in Russian, but it didn’t look as good.)

The other tattooed parts: his right arm, his back.

And let’s not forget his piercings: he has a labret and a barbell in the right brow.

FURTHER READING: The Guardian‘s Robert Kitson wrote this poetic article about Janko losing to Andy Roddick in the first round of last year’s Wimbledon.

janko-mug.jpg janko-rightarm.jpg janko-leftarms.jpg janko-brow.jpg
From left to right: mug shot, right arm, left arm, brow

>> tattoo watch
>> tipsarevic to fans: be smart about asking for autographs


9 Responses to “tattoo (and piercings!) watch: janko tipsarevic”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    the last time i saw him play was at indian wells last february, i was thrilled that he defeated lleyton in the second round. the tattoos and piercings goes pretty well with his personality, i wish he would start playing well because he has a lot of potential.

  2. Marta Ninaus Says:

    Couldn’t agree more1! Anyone who beats Lleyton is a champ in my book any day!

  3. Star Tattoo Says:

    The tattoos look real nice and the piercing is cool too.

  4. Jannie Says:

    I think Janko tipsarevic ..or as I like to call him..tippie! 🙂 is the coolest person alive and my hero. I hope he goes really far in his career so we get to see him more on the telly 🙂

    I saw him this year at the Aus open and he won! I cant remember who he played against, all my attentions was on him.

    He won and then was doing the walk around of victory and my friend and I were in amazing seats and he turned and was facing our way and I punched my arm in the air and in response he did the same!!!! 🙂

    I nearly died from happiness

  5. sonja Says:

    I love Janko! Sexy…..

  6. Ivka Says:

    i saw him playing on Davis Cup and i really enjoyed this match cause it was so exciting…i hope he will have very saccesfull career…u are very interesting and cute Janko…

  7. millica Says:

    Janko ti si nas car,kakav Novak ti imas vise kvaliteta od njega 100%samo to jos nisi pokazao narodu sirom sveta!!!Kad Janko bude usao u top 10 shvaticete koliko on ima kvaliteta!!!
    p.s.Janko ti si ponos SRBIJE!!!!

  8. Ana Says:

    Janko is the best! Novak i so fuckin’ boring and arrogant but Janko is THE MAN! he’s a great guy… serbia loves him… his tattoos and pearcings? i think he had 7 earings in one ear, and 3 other pearcings, but he removed them because of his girlfriend biljana… he also had blu hair.. and green.. and yellow… and all tree at the same time.. ❤ him!

  9. Tattoos Says:

    I think sports men always liked piercing and tattoos when we see in past.

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