an excerpt from Federer’s new biography: peek into his life with girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec


Tennis Served Fresh got an advanced look into the biography of Roger Federer hitting the shelves in about a month.

Quest for Perfection: The Roger Federer Story covers his childhood, his days as a temperamental junior, and his early days at the top of the ATP tennis heap.

Here’s an excerpt on Roger’s life with girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec:

Roger and Mirka lead a quiet, harmonious life together and seem compatible with each other. “Mirka likes to cook and I like to eat. That’s a perfect arrangement,” he said. “I help from time to time, make the beds, vacuum or dry the dishes. We make sure that we divide the work evenly.” He knows that his girlfriend sacrifices a great deal for him and he tries to do something in return whenever the opportunity presents itself. He goes with her to the movies, to the theater, to concerts. He said that “on vacation, I’m willing to change roles. Then she’s the center of attention.”

Quest for Perfection: The Roger Federer Story, New Chapter Press, $24.95, by Rene Stauffer. Release date: June 25. Available for pre-sale through

The fact that Mirka is three years older and is familiar with professional tennis from first-hand experience lends additional stability to the partnership. Since Boris Becker’s career, tennis years have acquired the reputation of being counted in “dog years,” one year multiplied by seven. “Sometimes Roger is like a twelve-year-old but then again, he can be like a 35-year-old,” said Mirka. “It’s not a problem for me that I’m three years older.”

She is not the type who overburdens her boyfriend with unrealistic demands because she knows what it means to be at the top. Above all, she’s terribly proud of him and is therefore willing to make compromises. “I’m not in a big hurry to get married,” she said in 2004. “When I consider that my parents married at 18 and had me at 21 — I can’t imagine that.” She added that she didn’t want to wait until she was 40 to have children “but when I have a child, I want the father to be around to play soccer, hockey and tennis with him or her instead of being away for 40 weeks at tournaments.”

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20 Responses to “an excerpt from Federer’s new biography: peek into his life with girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec”

  1. SprtReport5 Says:

    I think its pretty cool how he keeps his private life private. It is refreshing to see a million-dollar athlete not caught up in some scandal. Federer seems to be a well-rounded individual.

  2. Marija Says:

    I agree with SprtReport5. We can all look up to Federer. I really admire his personality. He is so stable, normal, and a class above all the other players in every sense.

  3. DIPYAMAN Says:


  4. PointBlank Says:

    Fed is smart and grounded. Being #1 and filthy rich doesn’t seem to get to his head. He’ll have a great future beyond tennis. Mirka seems to be the one for him, he knows it.

  5. A butterfly Says:

    I guess if he thought Mirka is one for him they would be married by now.
    It would be nice of him to thank her sometimes when giving his speeches since she does so much for him.
    She seems very nice and supporting but also bossy.
    In general I am not a big fan of these people and any other celebrities, because they live in their own world all of them, and they think they are better than anyone else.
    Roger won so many times, he is no1, he made lots of money and cars and other things, but I guess the more you have the more you want. It is never enough and you always want more.
    It doesn’t make sense.
    It is interesting how when you become famous and rich, you automatically
    want friends who are also rich , and you don;t even look at people any more who are middle class of course they are not on the same level so how can u be friends? It is much better to have friends like T. Woods and so on. And fans? Who cares about fans, as long as I have a lots of people to support me that means more fame and more money for Roger and other talented people and not talented but rich like Paris, Nicole, etc.

    How sad …

  6. Says:

    Thank you for the update. I am a life long tennis fan going back to the days of might mo, poncho villa, etc. etc.

  7. Danladi Kore Says:

    Rogger is a perfect gentleman with so much humility that i have never seen in super stars of all sporting endeavours. what intriques me about Rogger is his “Humility in victory”. His combination with Mirka is so wonderful, I realy appreciate her contributoins to Rogger’s overall success. She has made him stable physically and psycologically. I pray that God keeps them together until they both give birth to either another he world #1 or she #1. Happy union Rogger and Mirka both on and off the court.

  8. stand up Says:

    butterfly, you are such an idiot. you must be from the lower class of takers. If you had money, you would also have to change your friends and associations. Thats the way it goes, and should. Her is a couple who are a fine example of love, loyality and honestly, and all you could do is knock them. Here is one for you, grow up, get a job and try being a contributing human being.

  9. Shania Says:

    Well,Mirka is with the most eligible Bachelor in town,one and only Mr. Roger Federer.Whatever happens between them is their personal life.And last but not the least ,behind every successfull man there’s a Woman(be it 3 years older)!So lets hope for the best.Love you Roger!

  10. A butterfly Says:

    Give me a break!
    They are hungry for fame. It ain’t money no more, its fame.
    She doesn’t know what it means to be on top because she was never on top not even close.
    Stand Up I do have a degree and a job, what r u talking about?
    You don’t know what is going on behind closed doors so don’t even talk about honesty & loyalty. They have been together forever if they loved each other they would be married and have kids by now.
    He knows his popularity would go dooooown big time if he gets married, so that is why he isn’t.
    Sorry I watch tennis, and he is great player, don’t feel like spending my time on his homepage like million other losers/fans talking about how great he is.

  11. Sonja Says:

    “If they loved each other they’d be married by now” – nonsense.
    Some people don’t need a piece of paper telling them that they are in love. You can be truly in love with someone without ever getting married. Marriage doesn’t mean anything at all. Ever heard of something called divorce?
    But I guess that bitter talk’s all envy.

    Anyhow: Federer seems to be a great person, leading a quiet life. He is down to earth and all. He has worked really hard to get that far, and I’m happy for him.

  12. Superwoman Says:

    Yeah go ahead kiss his ass, what are you hoping to be with him someday???

  13. Jon Says:

    “If they loved each other they would be married and have kids by now”
    “Marriage doesn’t mean anything at all.”

    ^ Both rubbish. Good grief, let’s just leave them alone. They’re doing life
    how they want and seem fine by it. For the record, I’m 26 – the Fed’s
    age. The pressure to marry is a Midwest thing, it seems; on the coasts,
    it’s acceptable, maybe heralded, and certainly not seen as failure to be
    27 or 32 and single. I don’t know how it is in Switzerland or Dubai or
    wherever else these days. Also, Mirka was never elite, a top-100 player.

  14. Erwin Says:

    Federer’s 26 is making me cry about my 26.

  15. Desire@Maties Says:

    Roger is cool cos his moms frm SA.let them be if they r happy.why should they marry if theres a 50/50 chance of divorce anyways? Congrats Maties 4 winning the Intervarsity Cup!!

  16. Bluebells Says:

    Butterfly’s jst a mean chap….one of those who hopes for the worst of others n da best of himself….tell u wht! its gonna work da other way round, Butterfly! Roger’s the perfect combination of humility, success, money, fame, decency, ambition & beauty…..n he jst got another feather in his cap US Open 2008……….i also agree wid Mirka…when u r a parent u must b around 2 fulfill ur responsibilities as a parent…..Guys! take inspiration from Roger….at least try n be perfect in everythin u do… May God Bless Him!

  17. swing my door Says:

    roger’s going to marry me in the end anyways so this discussion is pointless.

  18. Roger Federer rocks Says:

    Roger is the best tennis player I’ve ever seen. Mirka seems to be a good woman and I think they are going to have a good life together and hope you have lots and lots of kids. May god bless both of your hearts and lead them in the same path.

  19. Roger Federer rocks Says:

    Whats wrong with “swing my door” there is a big difference in age between you and Roger Federer. Plus, go take a chill pill and do you have anger issues?

  20. rog Says:

    If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother and hope your guardian genius.

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