without murray, fred perry soldiers on


I’m sure Fred Perry is disappointed that it couldn’t show off Andy Murray‘s sponsored clothing at this week’s French Open (he’s out with a wrist injury). They’re not missing a beat, though: yesterday they sent out an e-mail reminding us about the tennis collection, which consists mostly of what Murray’s been wearing on the tour. Truth in advertising; I like it. (Mind you — they have some other collections that are also worth checking out.)

Here are my highlights (from left to right): pillow bag, grand slam jacket, and a medallion shirt.


5 Responses to “without murray, fred perry soldiers on”

  1. Austy Says:

    Mmmm. That pillow bag is SCRUMPTIOUS!

  2. ruberdcky Says:

    Yep. Too bad Andy Murray won’t be bringing that onto a court anytime soon. All the more reason for Fred Perry to add a female tennis player to their sponsorship list.

  3. Liisa Says:

    HI! What’s the name of this “pillow bag”? I would want to by this bag somewhere but I don’t know that’s name 😀

  4. arif iskandar Says:

    hi .i have got one of the white fred perry medallion shirt. can i know how much the price of the shirt and what years the shirt had been released? thankyou so much .

  5. MichaelFaR Says:

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