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trophy watch: a diamond racket

May 24, 2007

Dear Istanbul Open,

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I know. But if you wanted a special trophy, couldn’t you have encrusted something else in diamonds?

Even your longevity gimmick isn’t new: the folks at the Proximus Games has the win-three-get- one-really-expensive-tennis-racquet-free deal covered.

How about bedazzling a tennis ball? A dampener? A cap? Wait. Someone’s done the cap already, too.

You’re on the right track with trying to differentiate from the pack, though. We really like that.

with love,

Tennis Served Fresh

(via tennis idols)


tattoo (and piercings!) watch: janko tipsarevic

May 23, 2007

(Editor Update: Our tattoo watch lives on as part of our duties at Tennis Now, which we took on in July 2012. Check us out there.)


The oft-spectacled Serbian Janko Tipsarevic has a bunch of tattoos. Most notable is a quote from Dostoevsky’s The Idiot — “Beauty will save the world.” — on his left arm, inked in Japanese. (He thought about getting it done in Russian, but it didn’t look as good.)

The other tattooed parts: his right arm, his back.

And let’s not forget his piercings: he has a labret and a barbell in the right brow.

FURTHER READING: The Guardian‘s Robert Kitson wrote this poetic article about Janko losing to Andy Roddick in the first round of last year’s Wimbledon.

janko-mug.jpg janko-rightarm.jpg janko-leftarms.jpg janko-brow.jpg
From left to right: mug shot, right arm, left arm, brow

>> tattoo watch
>> tipsarevic to fans: be smart about asking for autographs

who will fill clijsters’ shoes at fila? + “settantatre” collection

May 23, 2007

Sport Brands International Ltd. sold Fila USA to Fila Korea, Ltd. for $400 million one month ago, finally succumbing to the Sisyphusian task of rebuilding the sports brand into a legitimate competitor of Nike, Reebok, and the other big boys.


Which isn’t to say that Fila Korea needs to start at square one. They have some momentum from last fall’s launch of the Settantatre collection — that’s “1973” in Italian — which coincided with New York Fashion Week. Much like Puma’s French 77 line, Fila reissued their greatest hits from the era of Borg and Vilas, but with a limited edition run of 500 pieces per item.

SHOP: The goods are still available for sale at this website.

This change in ownership also comes at a time when one of Fila’s highest profile athletes, Kim Clijsters, has announced her immediate retirement from tennis. CEO Jon Epstein should think long and hard about who will fill this gaping hole in their on-court sponsorship roster. They need a player who can summon that retro je ne sais quoi. Perhaps Tommy Robredo? Elena Dementieva? Paul Henri-Mathieu? (Whom should Fila consider? Tell us.)

Which isn’t to say that Fila should write off Kimmy’s marketability. In fact, that isn’t part of the strategy: Lauren Mallon, Fila’s Global Marketing Manager, confirms with Tennis Served Fresh that they have no plans to end their relationship with Kim.

(via a new men’s fashion love, the all IC blog)

a train wreck in istanbul

May 22, 2007

…but it didn’t involve the Orient Express (which might go the way of the Western Union telegram after June, fyi).

It looks like some memos got lost in the mail, because I’m pretty sure that fashion icons Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams would never show up for an Istanbul Cup photo opp — complete with traditional Ottoman garb — looking like amateurs.

Masha (left) came overdressed with her slacks and platform sandals, and Venus (middle) wore white socks and shoes. WHAT?!

maria sharapova - istanbul cup venus williams - istanbul cup elena dementieva - istanbul cup

Elena Dementieva (right) either lucked out or dressed smart. Her silver pumps matched her outfit. Kudos.

puma gv hall of fame edition – on sale

May 22, 2007

gvspecial1eq7.jpg gvspecial2te9.jpg gvspecial3hd8.jpg

Just a quick note that the Puma GV Hall of Fame Edition sneaker is now for sale, rounding out the company’s Guillermo Vilas-inspired campaign as of late.

And in case you’re wondering: that is Vilas’ mug shot on shoe’s tongue. Such subtle vanity! (What do you think of the shoes? Tell us.)

Of course I can’t figure out where to buy them. If you’re desperate, get them from sneakersnstuff (a Swedish merchant). If you have a stateside vendor, write me back with the info: TennisCBH AT Gmail DOT com.

(photos via Puma Talk)

fashion: safin and haas in old-school white, nike’s mcenroe shirt, and dressing like a dandy

May 21, 2007


You can even sew your own underwear: Patterns From the Past, a blog specializing in historical dress pattern research, devotes a whole post to tennis wear of yore. Some kits even have instructions for making visors and skivvies.

safin-haas-hamburg.jpgHamburg, revisited: Have you seen these vid clips of Tommy Haas and Marat Safin in old-school tennis whites, playing in an exhibition for the Hamburg Masters? (It commemorated the tourney turning 100 last year.) Photos here, and video here and here.

Dressing like a dandy: Feeling blah about your wardrobe? Take inspiration from these three members of London’s fashion avant-garde, as interviewed by the Times. It’s a good read.

spring2007-nike-mcenroe.jpgNike does McEnroe: Nike releases this psychedelic John McEnroe Icon T-Shirt (left) for Summer 2007. It’s on cotton with a glossy ink screen print. ($30; Midwest Sports. BUY IT HERE.)

flirting with punditry

May 21, 2007

I offered my thoughts on the upcoming French Open to Rick Stiles over at Stiles Points. Check it out here. (Not that it makes a big difference, BUT: I wrote my responses before yesterday’s Hamburg final.)

Agree? Disagree? Tell us.

rome’s fashion highlights: davydenko and serena

May 21, 2007

Although many players were rockin’ the pink and purple this week (including Patty Schnyder and Svetlana Kuznetsova), it was Serena Williams who ran away with it, combining both colors in her Nike outfit. She even mixed it up with different accessories: a cap one day, and different colored headbands for the other two matches:

serena-blackband.jpg serena-hat.jpg serena-pinkband.jpg

(What do you think of Serena’s ensemble? Tell us.)

Meanwhile, Russian Nikolay Davydenko continues his love affair with clothier Airness, who has showered him with variations on his current uniform. We saw four versions in three color ways just this week — red, orange, and baby blue. Which means he had more costume changes than Serena:

davydenko-roma-051007-2.jpg davydenko-roma-051107.jpg
davydenko-roma-051207.jpg davydenko-roma-051207-2.jpg

a weak week for trophies

May 21, 2007

So we’re a third done with the year and still no tourney has come close to matching what Masters Series Paris handed out to Davydenko last year. Who’s going to step up to the plate?

ATP: World No. 1 Roger Federer had to fight tooth and nail to overcome Clay No. 1 Rafael Nadal this week in Hamburg, and all he got was this lousy doorstop:


(By the way, what is going on with Federer’s suspender shirt? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Wimbledon. Nike needs to bring it.)

And the Bryan brothers get some plates in their win over Paul Hanley and Kevin Ullyett:


Seniors: The Champions Cup folks are pretty much stuck on the ho-hum crystal vase. The tour handed it out again to Pete Sampras, this time in his win over Todd Martin in Athens:


That’s Todd, above, speaking to the crowd.

SEWTA: Masters Series Rome, this week hosting the ladies, awarded Jelena Jankovic her third title for 2007 — a tour best — after beating Svetlana Kuznetsova 7-5, 6-1. Jelena received a trophy similar to the one Nadal picked up the week prior.

jankovic-princealbert-roma.jpg jankovic-roma.jpg

Prince Albert of Monaco presented the trophy to Jelena.

(photos via Yahoo! Tennis, except for Jelena’s photo with the Masters Series Rome Cup, which is via the tournament website)

buhskyooze me?

May 20, 2007

Roger Federer ended Rafael Nadal‘s 81-match clay streak with a 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 win in the finals of the Masters Series Hamburg tournament. The battle for the Roland Garros title just got a lot more interesting, folks.

i need more potito in my diet…

May 18, 2007

…I am, after all, an American.


Potito Starace, playing in last week’s Masters Series Rome.

I love that striped wristband. (Do you? Tell us.)

starace starace pop_staraceac070617.jpg

(photos by Antonio Constantini via the Masters Series Rome website)

simon barnes: in praise of style

May 18, 2007

Underhanded serves, moonballs, hitting the ball as hard as you can everytime — these are things that might get jeers from the spectators when done too much during a tennis match. Us fans don’t want to suffer through Winning Ugly when we’ve paid good money to see one-handed backhand winners and long rallies. But the offending player(s) couldn’t care less, of course; they’re just trying to get to the next round.

So, who’s in the right? Back in March, Simon Barnes addressed this dilemma.

His answer? We don’t need style, but it’s good to have around.

“We must accept that sport is only incidentally entertaining; that the only duty of the athlete is to struggle for victory with perfect sincerity; that when an athlete seeks to be an entertainer, he loses the sport in himself…

“Style may not be a moral imperative in sport, but sport is more amusing for its presence. To say that style doesn’t matter in sport does not mean that there is no style in sport.”

And it’s why I love players like Federer, Davenport, Rios, and Hingis — the players with great technique.

The same applies for clothing style, too. It’s not a moral imperative to dress nice to play (otherwise, Bethanie Mattek, Vince Spadea, and sometimes Dominik Hrbaty would need to reassess their careers), so I’m grateful that some athletes give their appearance more thought.

volandri wears armani

May 18, 2007

Speaking of well-dressed Italians, have you seen these photos of Filippo Volandri in Armani?


volandri-small-1.jpg volandri-small-2.jpg volandri-small-3.jpg volandri-small-4.jpg

Happy Friday.

(via Volandri’s official site)

short balls: serena talks, federer hits heavy, IMG makes a move, vietnam falls flat

May 17, 2007

Hey, all: I’ve been having lots of fun writing this thing. I hope you’re having fun reading it! Also, we’re on MySpace, so feel free to friend us if you have one.

Now onto the good stuff…

Federer hits a heavy ball: The Advanced Tennis Research Project developed a way to quantify the “heaviness” of a tennis ball. The record holder? By the study’s end, it was one R-Fed hit at Indian Wells in 2004. Bonus: another Men’s Vogue article on Roger, this one from Fall ’05. (via SportsFilter)

Serena shoots off: The Guardian‘s Gaby Wood does a two-part profile on Serena Williams. Serena talks about her sister’s death, her injury layoff, her faith (Jehovah’s Witness), etc. On comparing herself to other tennis greats: “If I thought, ‘Oh, I’m historic,’ my head would be crazy. Honestly, at the end of the day I come home to my dogs and my sister. I have friends, and I cry when I see movies, and I watch reality TV… I’m Serena and that’s all I am. I’ve never considered history.”

(photo of Serena at a party launching Louis Vuitton‘s Spring LOVE collection, and benefitting for Oxfam America)

Tennis from around the world: We’ve told you about tennis in South Africa, tennis in the Middle East, and now we bring you tennis in Vietnam: they’re not doing so hot over there.

Meanwhile, the UAE Tennis Association in Dubai is chugging along; they’re holding a tournament at the gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

IMG, always on the move: The sports management firm recently acquired Collegiate Licensing Co., a college trademark licensing agency whose brands includes the Final Four, the Bowl Championships Series, and logos of universities such as Notre Dame and UT. (via Oligopoly Watch)

Tennis Mailbag: Lots of good questions answered by Jon Wertheim in his column this week.

tennis and street wear collide

May 17, 2007


To commemorate Roger Federer‘s upcoming attempt at his first French Open title, Plus41 (a street wear design house based in Switzerland) has produced a t-shirt bearing the phrase “We Love Roger!”.

What do you think of the shirt? Tell us here.

This, along with Billionaire Boys Club’s “A.T.P.” shirts and the Supreme x Fila collaboration (check out those headbands!) are among many tennis-related items being produced by the street wear industry lately. Im very glad to see a lot of hype surrounding this year’s French Open and hopefully these clothing items will help the sport grow and reach a new audience.

supreme-vans-fila-2.jpg supreme-vans-fila-3.jpg supreme-vans-fila-4.jpg

CHECK IT OUT: You can see more of the Supreme x Fila collection here, via HypeBeast.

Tennis Served Fresh is hosting former TennisJuicer JNP as a guest blogger. JNP can be reached at tenniscbh AT gmail DOT com.

trophy watch: rome, berlin, and prague

May 16, 2007


A few animals in the trophy list this week. Look at this cute bear they gave out to the Juniors runner-up at the Qatar German Open.

ivanovic-germanopen.jpg german-kuznetsova.jpg

And they brought out the same trophies they handed out in Doha. Ana Ivanovic gets a hawk and Svetlana Kuznetsova gets a clock tower. (Click here for trophies from Rome and Prague…)

how do you say “ballgirl” in italian?

May 16, 2007

Exploitation or not, these are great uniforms. The Romans sure know how to dress their raccattapalle.

What do you think? Leave us a comment here.

(photo by Antonio Constantini via the Internazionali d’Italia website)

woe is carlos moya

May 15, 2007

carlos moya - roma

Poor Carlos Moya, throwing his racket down in frustration during last week’s Masters Series Rome. Is it because:

a) he lost his first round match against Marcos Baghadatis 2-6, 3-6


b) he came to the party dressed in the same Nike outfit as three other gals.

I’m going to say “b.”

I understand that Nike is trying to drive a point home with this line of clothing. But having four different guys photographed in it has crossed into oversaturation. If I was Carlos, I’d be annoyed. Actually, I’d be more annoyed if I was James Blake or Gael Monfils. They had to play each other in the first round while wearing the same outfit.

(And this is just the black/white version we’re talking about. Rafa Nadal has the monopoly on the teal/black version for now.)

amer delic - roma gael monfils - roma james blake - roma

(left to right: Amer Delic, Monfils, Blake)

>> battle of the band(ana)s aka moya and his tattoo
>> tattoo watch: arnaud clement
>> at least vince spadea is self-aware

trophy watch: chihuly-esque in adelaide

May 14, 2007

In case you missed the trophy Novak Djokovic won at the Next Generation Adelaide International this past January:


The 6-3, 6-7(6), 6-4 win over Australian Chris Guccione got him this platter that looks like a Dale Chihuly creation. He can set it next to his other glass trophy, that Yoshi Egg from Metz.

Bonus: You can see match point and the ceremony via this YouTube link. And yep, takes off his shirt to celebrate the win.

(via Tennis Australia)

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hewitt’s necklaces

May 14, 2007

Marat Safin isn’t the only one sporting hot neckwear on the tour. Here are photos of Aussie Lleyton Hewitt‘s necklaces from the last two weeks:

hewitt necklace hewitt necklace hamburg

Photo from Hamburg (left) and Rome (right). Though the chain works better to hold his wedding band, I think the sporty necklace on the right is a better fit for the scrappy counterpuncher.

Which one do you prefer? Tell us.

SHOP: if you have an itch for a necklace yourself, let me suggest the Athletes For Hope dog tags, Erica Weiner’s rhinos, the match necklace at catbird, or this 10-charm (one of them’s a stamper!) necklace from Colette.

>> dog tags for sale at
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