the french open online store


Have you seen the goods they’re hawking at the French Open online store? I would buy most of the stuff (my picks are in this photo above), but unfortunately I already own too much red.

Don’t even get me started again on how lame the U.S. Open store is compared to its Roland Garros counterpart. Not only do the French have more variety, they also have more evergreen items (i.e., not specifically tied to a tournament year) for sale year round.

Which items are you eyeing? Tell us.

>> my dream u.s. open store


3 Responses to “the french open online store”

  1. CuuuuuJooooo Says:

    Love that you look into this stuff too. Okay and why are umbrellas $50? And then 2 years ago when I tried to buy one at the US, they were sold out. Good thing I bought my Wimbledon bag when I did. I reeeeally want a “Roland Garros clay” polo shirt.

  2. Jennifer L. Holmes Says:

    Please help!

    On July 4, I received an order confirmation, # 2598303, for two player towels, men’s and women’s. On July 6 I received an e-mail from Valerie Thomas confirming that the order had been sent to your warehouse. On July 8, I received an e-mail confirming that my order was sent. The parcel tracking number was 950063206692. However, since I was not home when the package was delivered, Fedex sent it back to France. The Door Tag Number from Fedex was DT 1019 8210 8409.

    In the past 24 hours, I have been trying to communicate with Valerie Thomas via return e-mail. (The URL you told me to click on,, does not work.) Sometimes my e-mails seem to get through, and other times I get a failure notice.

    You keep asking for something called a “ticket number.” In the past 24 hours, I have been assigned three reference numbers: 1) 208373-1248948200, 2) 208374-1248948212, and 3) 208375-1248948227.

    Are any of these numbers the TICKET number?

    You’ve also asked for confirmation of my address for mailing. It is Jennifer L. Holmes, 1991 Glenheath Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791, USA. I’ve sent this information three times by return e-mail, but now I get failure notifications from the postmaster. Please help!

  3. Lynne Says:

    where can I purchase 2011 mens french open towel?

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