tattoo watch: guillermo canas


Another entry for the Tattoo Watch Blotter: here’s a photo of Guillermo Canas taking a break in between games during his quarterfinal match against Nikolay Davydenko. Kolya won 7-5, 6-4, 6-4.

Do you know what’s inked on his shoulder? Tell us.

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4 Responses to “tattoo watch: guillermo canas”

  1. Tennisdan Says:

    That’s gotta be a skull…That surrounding it (and perhaps through it) is less clear…Canas as a punk?…

  2. RoBBiEBoY Says:

    Is he still on drugs or what? What do y’alls think? Canas looks pumped as ever. I saw him take out Federer at the Pacific Life. Crowd was silent. Stunned. Roger didn’t know what to do with himself. Two weeks later… saw him take the Fed-man out again in Miami. The predominantly Latin (So. American) crowd yelled: Willi, willi, willi, … etc.. Roger didn’t stand a chance. Canas announces himself as back!! Then the Final: Testament to Novak that he prevailed over Canas (I have GREAT photos (on another hard drive!)).

  3. krissy... Says:

    his tattoo is a lions head!!!x

  4. tattoo watch: name that ass back tattoo | Tennis Ball Machines Says:

    […] Canas adds to his shoulder art by biting the it-looks-better-in-japanese style of Janko […]

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