God save the Queen’s Club!


The grass season hasn’t even started yet it’s already falling apart. American hope Andy Roddick crashed out of the first round of doubles at the Surbiton Trophy (a Challenger event). The top-ranked American, frustrated with his play as of late, skipped out on the post-match press conference after the loss. Glad to see hotlantan Robby Ginepri is back in action, though.

Meanwhile, the British will have to wait at least until 2008 for a countryman to win Wimbledon. Andy Murray, still recovering from a wrist injury, pulled out of the Artois Championships at Queen’s Club. He likely won’t recover in time to play the grass season at all.

Also, a German daily reports that Tommy Haas won’t recover from shoulder injury in time to play Halle or Wimbledon. Le sigh. (via OTB)

But we should still give props to the folks at the Artois, who have done all they can to create hype and grow the tournament’s brand. They dropped “Stella” from the name to widen their scope, and they started a well-produced podcast, now eight episodes old, which is much easier to digest than all the video that’s been floating around online in the last few months.

Still, if they’re feeling down about all this bad news, they can go drown their sorrows at The Queens Arms, this chic new restaurant that’s opened nearby.

>> even without murray, fred perry soldiers on


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