video: roland garros locker room action


Carlos Moya and Rafa Nadal go back to the locker room after their quarterfinal match

…and Antonio Banderas follows them in.

Djokovic and Davydenko were hanging out in there, too.

(via Lynn)

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7 Responses to “video: roland garros locker room action”

  1. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Nice clip, Erwin! Thanks.

  2. butter Says:

    I love this video! SUPER THANKS TO YA!
    and how funny was Novak?ahahahahaha…..when Marat retires, he’ll be on my watch, as the next ‘funny guy.’
    Rafa looked, hooot, so was Antonio! This kind of moment, makes me want to borrow Harry Potter’s ‘invinsibility cloak’ 😀

  3. sanchez333 Says:

    That was awesome, nice vid!

  4. fullerton Says:

    Novak is such a spaz

  5. Erwin Says:

    indeed. bless!

  6. RoBBiEBoY Says:

    OK – well it sounded too good to be true! This video has been removed from YOUTUBE !!

  7. Erwin Says:

    This existed — I swear! haha oh well it will have to live in the hearts and minds of those who saw it in the last few days….

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